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Re: VBF File Editor

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Hi there.

After several Testruns with VBF-Editor 2.2 I can say: It´s amazing!
You can export the bin Part to Intel HEX format and rewrite it with your Notepad Application.
You can im/export Headers and rewrite them in Notepad too.

Then create new File and import Header, Import Bin Part and save the result as VBF.

Flash it, it´s still works great. Tested with my IPMA Firmware.
If you know something about Intel Hex files you can rewrite the address field to set the firmware to new ecu address.
But until now it´s regrettably still does not work for me, because I try to change generation of Software from BM5T to F1FT


IPMA Focus 2013 BM5T-19H406-AG
Software Address 0x00020000

IPMA Focus 2016 F1FT-19H406-AH (camera looks similar to BM5T)
Software Address 0x00010000

so I have changed it to 20000 but it cannot be flashed. Error still occours.
Tried it with BM5T- Export Bin, export Header
Create new File
Import Header, import Bin

Best regards

riding da White Beast :lol:

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Re: VBF File Editor

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Re: VBF File Editor

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Re: VBF File Editor

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ynr93@163.conPlease send me a copy, thank you!
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