ABS bleed without pressure bleeder

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Re: ABS bleed without pressure bleeder

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I tried using a Mitvac 6400 power bleeder, but it couldn't do more than 22PSI before releasing pressure. I tried doing this to pressurize the system and then run the test, but it's the same result each time, it fails.

I've now replaced the HCU 3 times with 3 working ones on this 2007 pile of ford junk, took it to 4 dealerships after replacing it and properly flashing the vin onto it, and 4 dealerships couldn't bleed it as well.

Off to the junkyard it goes, a perfectly working hybrid vehicle with 170k miles on it with no issues but the worst braking system ever designed by any company.

Never again, last ford I will ever own.
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Re: ABS bleed without pressure bleeder

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Information on bleeding brakes on the hybrid.
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